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Our Economic Troubles

Our economic troubles
Multi-trillion-dollar wars, Unrestrained stimulus for social welfare programs, Bailouts for Big Banks

 You don't need to be an economist to know this much. The government has racked up $16 trillion in debt  and it has ruined our country.
look more ominous each passing day. How many of your friends, coworkers relatives are losing their jobs and how many houses near you are for sale, foreclosed on? How much more are you going to pay for food gas and energy? When is our state politicians going to add new taxes and start closing schools, firehouses and let go policeman?

The facts are our congress are leading America into financial crisis and our media paints a rosy outlook. What they are doing to the dollar should be criminal. The more dollars the Federal Reserve creates, the less your are worth.

Fed wanted to lower the interest rates, more bank lending, more money flowing through national economy, and more printing spree has done nothing to increase spending. They say our government can not let our banks fail, but every time we bail them out it’s us that has to pay the price. Ron Paul warned us “we got to stop printing money that we can not back, it’s destroying the value of the dollar”.

Painted into a corner best describes the Fed today.
We'll have an economic collapse of historical proportions on our hands.
Bank accounts will be obliterated. Unemployment will be the norm. Urban unrest will grip the country. Millions of lives will be ruined.
Fed’s can’t reverse it’s extreme policies without risking the entire US Banking Industry. By shooting interest rates down so low, Fed chairman Bernake has strangled buying power out of our dollars with every purchase we make. It’s robbery, brought on by the supposed government experts who should have the answers in the first place. It’s only a matter of time before The American people wake up with a vengeance.

           Politicians are now openly examining the probability of states declaring bankruptcy.

 A spiraling deficit means great pressure on the Fed to by Treasuries, more bailouts lead to wider deficits, lead to a deader dollar. By 2012 an economic uprising could be very well under way, violent protest and food riots and the list goes on and on. Banks are sinking faster than the Titanic these days and the Fed will have to inject a few hundred billion more taxpayers money to just keep their equity positive, and that just makes me plain sick.

Our politicians have no problem spending our money and creating huge deficits that eventually we’ll default on , just a matter of time, but for the life of them they can’t come up with a decent proposal on cutting our deficit. All they know is spend, spend ,spend.

Our economic troubles loom greatly on Americans
Taking on that much debt without being able to pay it back is simply unsustainable.
Stop the printing of money and the artificial suppression of interest rates. Return to hard money. Allow interest rates and market prices to again reflect the true extent of voluntary savings, and to thus allow the liquidation of the accumulated imbalances from previous money expansion.

There is no means of avoiding the final collapse of a boom brought about by credit expansion. The alternative is only whether the crisis should come sooner as the result of a voluntary abandonment of further credit expansion, or later as a final and total catastrophe of the currency system involved.

The endgame will be "a final and total catastrophe of the currency system", and "later" may indeed be soon. We have been postponing the liquidation for decades and happily piled new debt and new imbalances on top of the old debt and the old imbalances. By not stopping the printing of money and the accumulation of debt and capital miscalculation. The policy establishment is making sure that the final crisis will only be worse.
The coming monetary meltdown will wipe out vast amounts of paper wealth, and it will facilitate one of the largest transfers of real wealth in human history. Many people will lose a lot. 

I think that Natural Gas and Transport Companies have great potential and should be very profitable very soon. (Choose Wisely) also Wheat, Tobacco, and coffee.

 Ron Paul said Americans will either reject Barack Obama’s plans for more government spending as a way to fix the economy, or face a future filled with governmental tyranny.

Congressman Paul is correct. The worst-case scenario 

When Washington can no longer borrow money, it will have no choice but to immediately slash spending. And since nearly half of every dollar it spends is borrowed, our leaders will have no choice but to radically reduce, delay or even cancel payments to seniors, veterans, the poor, the disabled and to pensioners. Millions who count on government checks will suddenly find themselves on the ropes, struggling to survive.

Therefore, with government programs slashed or canceled .With consumers paralyzed in fear .With the U.S. economy in intensive care .With tax revenues plunging, and .With global investors refusing to lend more money to Uncle Sam .Here is the worst-case scenario, the scenario I fear the most .Hunger and homelessness explode to pandemic levels from coast to coast.

The victims take to the streets. Rallies turn into demonstrations, then, into protests, and finally, into riots. With law enforcement severely crippled by the spending cuts, crime skyrockets. With fire departments running at austerity levels, cities burn.
 With emergency services and hospitals out of money, people die. As we saw in Brazil and Russia,

 Washington has no choice but to restore order by taking away your personal freedoms. And never forget this final, devastating fact: The last phase of this great debt crisis ended because Washington bailed out the largest failing companies. This time around, there are two reasons why there can be no giant bailouts.
First, because the recently elected fiscal conservatives in Congress are sworn to oppose them. And second because  No bank,  no government, no group of nations is rich enough to save America.

Has Our Members of  Congress Seen This Writing On The Wall “ Armageddon” “A Fiscal Titanic” “A Death Spiral”

Do They Now See America As A Sinking Ship

 Still finding all this hard to believe? Then consider these ten former heads of the Council of Economic Advisors. They are the men and women who directly advised presidents of both major parties, including President Obama, and all of them have since departed from their office. They recently wrote that that the next debt crisis could, and I quote “Dwarf 2008!” That’s an absolutely shocking assertion: In 2008, Wall Street came within a hair of a massive, devastating meltdown. Virtually ALL of our largest banks were pushed to the brink of failure. The entire country was only a few hours away from a fatal collapse.

Now, these ten former White House advisors are warning that this next debt crisis could
dwarf the last one.

And what exactly is causing our economic troubles? In short: inflation. Both the creation of new money unbacked by productive activity literally, conjured up from nothing at the whim of a central banker and the artificially low cost of borrowing to expand the amount of debt again, thanks to central bankers buying government debt with the money they create in order to shove interest rates down

40 years ago, one man uncovered a secret so shocking it changed his life forever. And while he tried to warn us, most Americans refused to believe him.

 Today, his frightening predictions are coming true...

Many economic experts today believe our economic trouble will last for decades.
I honestly  Believe that many American are ignorant to the crisis we face today, and they think our government will protect them when times get tough. I also believe people don't see a problem until it's staring them in the face and by then it will be too late.





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